Evolution through Innovation

For over 20 years we have been bringing evolution through innovation to the market

A word from the President

Innovation represents a leap in evolution way.

WING Group carries out multidisciplinary Research & Development and technology transfer, based on a material and human infrastructure capable to support technical and scientific processes.

Through extensive collaboration with research organizations and beneficiary institutes, we create premises of Open Innovation and Research Excellence.

For 20 years, our companies group innovates continuously, open and sustainable. So, we have, the capacity to respond to more complex technological and social challenges of twenty first century, in which innovation is the main part of a prosper and safe society.

Through development of innovation technologies, that would and in the end, will lead to increase life quality and security, we will make from present, a better future.

Assoc. Prof. Eng. Cosmin Karl BĂNICĂ


To become one of the leading
Research & Innovation centres in Europe


We are set up in an open innovation matrix, with a mission to develop new products and technologies in some of the most important interdisciplinary fields


Our multidisciplinary team of professionals:


  • Professors and academics
  • Experts in the fields of smart specialisation
  • Engineers, physicists and chemists
  • Economists
  • Doctors and psychologists
  • Students, Masters and PhD students


  • European project managers and consultants
  • Innovation and marketing experts
  • Experts in public procurement, human resources, finance and accounting.


  • Technicians in the areas of smart specialisation



  • Politechnica University of Bucharest
  • National Research and Development Institute for Cryogenics and Isotopic Technologies – ICSI Rm.Valcea
  • Institute for Energy Studies and Projects – ISPE
  • Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iași
  • The National Institute for Aerospace Research “Elie Carafoli” – INCAS
  • National Research and Development Institute for Environmental Protection
  • Institute of Chemistry “Coriolan Drăgulescu” of Timișoara
  • Academy of Economic Studies of Bucharest
  • Valahia University of Targoviște
  • National Institute for Optoelectronics Research and Development – INOE 2000
  • Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy
  • Institute of Space Sciences
  • “Horia Hulubei” National Research and Development Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering
  • Bucharest Oncology Institute “Prof. Dr. Alexandru Trestioreanu”
  • University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila” of Bucharest
  • University Emergency Hospital Bucharest


  • Albania: Albania’s electricity transmission system
  • Belgium: EMAX Group
  • Bulgaria: Innovative Energy and Information Technologies Ltd, CEZ Distribution Bulgaria AD, Independent Bulgarian Energy Exchange, Bulgarian Electricity System Operator EAD, Software Company Ltd, Sofia Technical University
  • Cyprus: Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority, Cyprus Electricity Authority, Cyprus (Electric) Transmission System Operator, Center for Excellence in Research and Innovation KIOS (University of Cyprus)
  • Croatia: Studio Elektronike Rijeka D.O.O.
  • Estonia: ARDORAN OÜ, Electronics Design
  • France: General Electrics Energy Products France SNC
  • Germany: University Hospital Tubingen, JenLab Gmbh
  • Greece: National Institute of Telecommunications Systems, National Technical University of Athens, Independent Power Transmission Operator S.A., Institute of Communications and Computer Systems, European Dynamics S.A.
  • Ireland: Smart Wires Ireland Italy: Grado Zero Innovation
  • Portugal: Centro de Investigação em Energia REN – State Grid S.A.
  • Slovenia: Elektro Ljubljana d.d., C&G D.O.O. Ljubljana
  • Spain: Schneider Electric Espana S.A., JEMA ENERGY S.A., Abengoa Innovación S.A., Loyola University Andalusia
  • Sweden: Chalmers University of Technology
  • Hungary: Budapest University of Technology and Economics



Supports and promotes active involvement in the process of modernization and connection of Romania to scientific and technological developments, as a prerequisite for enhanced development in areas of strategic importance.

Through Research and Innovation, it contributes directly to increasing societal resilience and transforming Romania’s economy from a cost-based to a knowledge-based economy.

WEBSITE: citadela.org.ro


Supports partnerships between various types of entities in the health and bioeconomy fields, in order to increase their competitiveness in the targeted areas. Through its activities, ROHEALTH promotes and supports sustainable, national and international partnerships between private companies, universities, research organisations and public entities/authorities.

WEBSITE: rohealth.ro


Aims to increase the competitiveness of the regional economy and to increase the institutional capacity to implement European industrial policy, including the efficient use of non-reimbursable funds.

WEBSITE: clustereuronest.ro


It defends the interests of companies working in the field of research, development and innovation and identifies strategies to accelerate the development of private research in Romania. Promotes the interests of the members of the association in relations with the Romanian state bodies and with European and international organisations active in the field.


Promotes and develops cluster-oriented industrial policy, at national and European level, in the field of ITC, through cooperation between different actors and by intensifying contracts, exchange of information and ideas, i.e. by carrying out joint activities in innovation and entrepreneurship in the RO&C sector.


It focuses towards new and renewable energy sources, with Industry 4.0 – ICT component, with social targets for the benefit of the N-E region.


It conducts and promotes research, development, technological innovation, production and export in the field of defence and security.

WEBSITE: defensealliance.com


It facilitates dialogue between representatives of the Romanian defence industry, international companies in the field, relevant public institutions in this sector, as well as other potential clients/partners in the country and abroad.

The organisation identifies opportunities for cooperation and collaboration for the development, profit growth and competitiveness of members in the Romanian defence industry.

WEBSITE: opiaromania.ro