Intelligent system for automatic assessment and interpretation of hidden behavior for critical infrastructure staff

Funding program:

Program: Competitiveness Operational Program 2014-2020 ˗ Priority Axis 1, Investment priority: PI1b, Action: 1.2.1 ˗ Project type: INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGICAL PROJECT





Total value:

29.086.565,98 RON

Implementation period:



The general objective of the project is product innovation (both for goods and services) based on research and development within the company Wing Computer Group, for the design, implementation, and testing of an intelligent system for automatic evaluation and interpretation of disguised behavior for staff in critical infrastructures.

The project establishes a unique combination of the latest biometric techniques and bio signal processing techniques with RN approach for real-time analysis of emotions and behavior. The intelligent system for automatic assessment and interpretation of disguised behavior for critical infrastructure staff will be implemented in two constructive ways:

  • Platform for automatic assessment and interpretation of disguised behavior for critical infrastructure staff, in the controlled area, without the influence of external factors
  • Platform for automatic assessment and interpretation of disguised behavior for critical infrastructure staff, in the open area, with the influence of external factors.

All products / services, important components of intelligence systems, resulting from the implementation of the project, are dedicated to the field of Infrastructure and critical services.


The results obtained from research and development will be introduced into production by setting up a new production unit within the company. The technical solution identifies, analyzes and implements an architecture of a neural network for classifying human gestures and emotions, obtained from various sensors. Automated analysis of these behaviors with learning techniques allows us to form a complex of convolutional neural networks (RNC) to come up with an answer, as close to reality as possible, about a subject’s behavior by classifying both body movements and parameters. physiological as well as facial features.

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2020 – 2022 (21 months) Experimental Development Activities

Based on the designed subsystems, component parts of the complex intelligent system for the automatic evaluation and interpretation of the disguised behavior for the personnel from the critical infrastructures within the industrial research stage, the prototype will be designed and realized as a final commercial product.


2022 – 2022 (9 luni) Activități de Dezvoltare Experimentală

Pe baza subsistemelor proiectate, parți componente ale sistemului inteligent complex pentru evaluarea si interpretarea automata a comportamentului disimulat pentru personalul din infrastructurile critice în cadrul etapei de cercetare industrială, se va trece la proiectarea, realizarea și realizarea prototipului ca produs comercial final.


2020 – 2023 (36 months) Innovation activities

This activity aims to increase the company’s innovation capacity by purchasing consulting services in order to obtain an analysis and diagnosis of the current situation (innovation assessment) and the development of an innovation strategy related to the general business strategy.

It also aims to validate the solutions obtained in the R&D stages by testing and certifying the performance for compliance with the legal limits and compliance with the initial technical specifications.


2023 – 2023 (6 months) Initial investments for innovation in order to put into production the results obtained from Research-Development

In this activity, tangible and intangible assets will be purchased, documentation will be ready for the preparation of the manufacturing flow and the use of equipment to initiate production for products resulting from the design, manufacture and testing of subsystems related to laboratory prototype and prototype as product. commercial finite.

2020 – 2023 (36 months) Information and publicity activities

These activities will ensure the popularization of the obtained results and their dissemination

2020 – 2023 (36 months) Activities for project management

2023 – 2023 (1 month) Activities for the final audit of the project