I. CDI elaboration projects and obtaining european fundes

rezultate-hermesIntense activity from last years in consulting has made in 2013 to achieve the performance of submitting 32 projects accepted for financing, with an aggregate value of over 80 milion euros

POS CCE 2007-2013 Operation 1.3.1, Competitivness Poles
Contribution to writing and submitting a total of 14 CDI and software projects
– 7 projects, CREVIS Competitiveness Cluster ,
– 6 projects , IT EXCELSIOR Competitiveness Cluster,
– 1 project, AUTOMOTIVE SOUTH-WEST OLTENIA Competitiveness Cluster.

PNCDI II – Partnerships – 3 projects as Partner: HYPERDOT, VIRPRO și EcoInnEWaste 

PNCDI II – Inovare – 2 proiecte, unul în calitate de Coordonator: SIGHAB și unul în calitate de Partener: NOVENER

POS CCE 2007-2013 – Operation 2.3.2 – 1 investments project: ACROTECH VERTA

POS CCE 2007-2013 – Operation 2.3.3
– 6 projects technological- innovative: SOLPAN, EOLTURBOVERTA, I-SAIA, PITQEAST, GREEN-DC, SAP-VIP
-5 projects for young innovative enterprises: ENOPT, SINTERAUTO, SMCMS, MOSAN, BIOGRID

7th Framework Programme
1 project: HERMES

II. CDI project management and implementation

rezultate-crevisWe have a various portofolio of CDI projects, carried out under national and European programs.

CREVIS Competitiveness Pole, Soft 1 Project CREVIS Management
Project management partner

CREVIS Competitiveness Pole,CDI 3 CREVIS project
Research Partner

Coordinating research project

Research Partner

Research partner

Proposed for funding under Horizon 2020
Research partner

III. Recovery results

rezultate-sighabWithin CDI impremented projects, we have developed a range of innovative technologies and products

  • Monitoring power system, communication and control for temporary habitats under isolation.
  • Innovative system, effective control enforcement of road profiles (HERMES)
  • Complex Equipment of road profile investigation and pavement layers quality control.
  • Integrated system of quality life growing by monitoring monitorizare and analysis of remote EKG parameters (ERISC)
  • Inteligent audio/video streaming system and content management (SENSE)
  • Location dual mode GSM/GSP and messaging – social networking (SIMT)