National premiere on measuring and monitoring environmental quality parameters using drones in Bucharest

The National Research and Development Institute for Environmental Protection, in partnership with ENERGY & ECO CONCEPT (ENEC), conducted environmental quality measurements in Bucharest today, near the intersection of Boulevard Iuliu Maniu and Valea Cascadelor, starting at 00:00.

These two partners carried out the first measurements using drones as part of a contract to develop an air quality study and provide technical assistance for the Integrated Air Quality Plan in the Municipality of Bucharest, with the City Hall being the beneficiary. This event marks a national premiere.

The measurements are conducted at heights of up to 100 meters. The study’s results will provide information about pollution distribution at various altitudes. The study is of utmost importance for the Municipality of Bucharest, as the obtained results will guide intervention measures in the coming years to combat pollution.

In the following days, measurements will be conducted in Unirii Square and at the Arch of Triumph.

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