Integrated platform for increasing flexibility in intelligent transport networks with storage entities and massive injection of energy from renewable sources.

Program de finanțare: 

HORIZON 2020 Funding Program for Research and Innovation - H2020-LCE-2016-2017




Consortium of 28 countries

Valoarea totală:

21.700.000 EURO

Perioada de implementare:



The project aims to contribute to the evolution towards a pan-European transport network, with high flexibility and high levels of interconnection. This will facilitate the transformation of the current energy production mix by hosting a growing share of renewable energy sources. New smart grid technologies, control and storage methods and new market approaches will be developed, installed, demonstrated and tested, introducing flexibility into the European energy system.

FLEXITRANSTORE will promote the increase of cross-border electricity flows using the capitalization of flexibility services. The project adopts both a national and a regional approach, recognizing the need for seamless integration of national markets, especially in the south-eastern European network, where the rest of the European network still lacks the high interconnectivity.

Following current trends and EU regulations, FLEXITRANSTORE has identified two main strategic objectives:

  1. Improving and accelerating the integration of renewables into European energy systems.
  2. Increasing cross-border electricity flows across Europe.

Several project-specific objectives have also been specified, which will facilitate the achievement of strategic objectives and pave the way for a sustainable energy future.

  1. To increase flexibility in the energy chain value chain by integrating BESS which supports the provision of ancillary services by RES in points such as: TSO / DSO interface or wind farms and gas turbine plants.
  2. To increase flexibility in the transmission network by integrating power flow controllers to manage congestion and redirect energy flows, by developing dynamic line assessment methods for power line deactivation and by developing new efficient controllers for active TSO stations / Border and wind power DSO connections to the HV network.
  3. Increase flexibility in the distribution grid through the development and implementation of new demand response mechanisms, thus creating new market players and opportunities.
  4. To increase the flexibility of conventional generators by installing new power system stabilizers, restoring low rotation system inertia and simulating grid behavior after major events on a representative grid model, which will allow a better perspective of grid dynamics and stability.

Increasing flexibility in wholesale electricity markets by developing an integrated market platform based on an improved EUPHEMIA market model that leverages flexibility services through improved operations, demand response, improved generation services, energy storage or infrastructure smarter.


FLEXITRANSTORE vizează întregul lanț de valori energetice. Prin soluții tehnice noi, dar și prin noi modele de afaceri și reglementări de piață, își propune să transforme întregul sistem energetic al Europei. Va ajuta la o penetrare mai mare a SRE în mixul de producție și va facilita crearea unei piețe pan-europene integrate de energie angro, valorificând flexibilitatea și sprijinind creșterea fluxurilor transfrontaliere.

Mai precis, proiectul va implementa tehnologii și concepte noi care vizează:

  • Crearea unei piețe energetice pan-europene în cadrul unui cadru comun, fără restricții naționale și bariere legislative impuse de națiuni individuale.

Integrarea piețelor energetice din Europa de Sud-Est, unde activitățile de cuplare a pieței progresează lent.

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