New generation energy installation for energy support in critical infrastructures

Program de finanțare: 

Funding program: Competitiveness Operational Program 2014-2020 ˗ Priority Axis 1, Investment priority: PI1b, Action: 1.2.1 ˗ Project type: INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGICAL PROJECT





Valoarea totală:

29.048.343,78 RON

Perioada de implementare:



The general objective of the project is to increase the competitiveness of WING COMPUTER GROUP SRL by designing, implementing, and testing an innovative flexible, scalable and customizable system with 3 constructive variants, to ensure energy support and collection of predictive maintenance data in order to increase the resilience of critical infrastructures.

This objective ensures the development of the company’s RDI capacity and infrastructure by introducing innovative products / services in the manufacturing, by implementing a new production unit, based on the integration of different energy sources and which will ensure the necessary energy for operating critical infrastructures in crisis conditions, will ensure an energy management of the facilities and predictive maintenance regarding the operating conditions.

All products / services resulting from the implementation of the project are dedicated to the field of Critical Infrastructures and Services.


The results of research and development present an innovative technological product designed to increase the resilience of critical infrastructures, in crisis or emergency situations, by providing a multi-source energy support based on hydrogen fuel cells and electric gasoline generators, intelligent support, flexible and customizable depending on the load served, designed to withstand various test scenarios, in terms of service life, at different ambient temperatures and in different hard-to-reach locations.

The project also aims to have a component for monitoring energy consumption, fuel reserve used, operational parameters of the critical infrastructure served: power required, data transmission speed and a predictive maintenance component to estimate the condition of the equipment. monitor and provide information on the degree of wear and the estimated life.

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2020 – 2022 (21 months) Industrial Research Activitie

During this stage, the operation of the laboratory prototype will be defined, realized, and tested, in 3 energetic variants, of 2.5, 15 and 90 kW respectively according to the defined configurations.

2022 – 2022 (9 months) Experimental Development Activities

In the experimental development stage, the laboratory prototype installation will be transferred to field operation conditions and software modules will be developed for data acquisition and for ensuring communications.

2020 – 2022 (27 months) Innovation activities

During the innovation phase, the necessary laboratories will be rented for testing and calibration activities of the W-ISS-E data acquisition system, as well as metrological verification. Testing and certification services for electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility will also be procured. Also, during this stage, a market study will be purchased that will provide a correct characterization of the market of the obtained products.

2023 – 2023 (6 months) Initial investments for innovation in order to put into production the results obtained from Research-Development

In the initial stage of commissioning, the equipment necessary for the commissioning of the platform will be purchased, in the 3 constructive configurations and also will be purchased stands for integrated testing of the functionality of all hardware and software modules in field conditions.

2020 – 2023 (36 months) Information and publicity activities

These activities will ensure the popularization of the obtained results and their dissemination.

2020 – 2023 (36 months) Activities for project management

2023 – 2023 (5 months) Activities for the final audit of the project